Sensitive areas are disturbed due to noise

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An increase in noise pollution causes distress to residents of Jayanagar.

Reported by: – Shlok Arya

Bangalore, 1/10/2019, 8:49 pm

An increase in the level of noise pollution near NIMHANS has been disturbing the lives of the residents living nearby. A recent survey by the Karnataka State Pollution control board shows that there is a 6% increase in noise pollution in May 2019 as compared to the previous month. The reported noise level was 62.2 decibels, despite safe levels being 50 decibels.

N.Venkatesh, a resident of Jayanagar, said, “In Jayanagar, seeing vehicles were a rarity, now I see vehicles everywhere. This creates a problem for me as now the noise from the vehicles has also increased which irritates me and people in general.”

According to, regular exposure to noise pollution can lead to acute tiredness and at times hearing loss. It can cause psychological stress leading to aggression which affects their work and personal life.

Syed Khaja Environmental officer KSPCB says “I feel the main reason for this is a vehicle on traffic. It’s a vehicle that causes noise pollution due to excessive honking.”

The Bangalore Traffic Police Department states that the number of cases booked underuse of horn at prohibited places was 2131 in Aug 2019. The previous year only 220 cases were booked. There has been an increase of 89.6 % in the number of complaints. Arjunappa, a traffic policeman said that a violation of honking rules under Bangalore traffic rules and regulation will lead to a fine of 1000 rupees.

M.N Srihari, Traffic engineer, and safety trainer, T believes that ignorance of traffic rules combined with irresponsible driving leads to excessive honking. He said, “People cannot move without horn, you will give a light signal and if that doesn’t work you will horn. On road, on honking people are not bothered, they are not concerned, as if they are moving, so hence it is a little tedious.”

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