Sericulture farmers face loss in production

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The Sericulture farmer in Ramanagra and Devagree village faces losses as they continue to use the old methods for silk farming. Most of the farmers aren’t aware of the methods the Central Silk Board(CSB) is trying to implement for the overall development of silk in the country. Proper assistance has not been offered to the farmers to implement the modern technique in their farming.

“We use to hang the silkworm for 3 days, and after that, the harvesting starts and it takes more than 6 days to produce silk. It is very old and authentic technique is used for so many years”, said Ramvilas a Sericulture farmer. He is using this technique for so many years.

In Ramanagra, Bharath a Sericulture farm owner said that,” In his farm more than 4,800 MT silk has been produced with a raise in production for implementing a modern technique by the government”. He now makes a profit , because of the ISDSI.

The ISDSI comprises of four major components-research & development, training, transfer of technology and Information Technology initiatives, seed organisation, coordination and market development.


The Central Silk Board(CSB) launched this scheme which has been approved by the government of India from 2017 to 2020 with a total budget of Rs 2161.68 crore. The farmers are given assistance in growing their farm, with improved plantations. brand new equipment for producing good quality silk and fabric production.

“This scheme definitely introduces a modernization technique, which is really beneficial for the farmers. Imagine, some 30-40 years back the productivity is 30-40 Kg and now because of this modern technology it is raised to 70-80kg”, Dr. S.R Katti (Retired Scientist from Karnataka State Sericulture Research and Development Institute).

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