Students cannot take the load of regular classes

Published on March 10, 2022 by

Students in the city are not being able to cope with regular classes after having attended online classes for almost two years.

Shreyashi Mukherjee

March 10, 2022

Bangalore : The teachers of Bangalore are witnessing a change in the learning patterns of the students. They say that the children are having a difficult time in coping up with the in-person regular classes.

Kavita Datar, school teacher, National Public School, said, “While teaching the students, I have noticed that most of them are not being able to concentrate in the class for a long time. They are also not willing to write more. The students who once used to score well are now getting quite less marks.”

The teachers are also saying that the students are not being able to deal with academic pressure. While they were teaching, they observed that some students were breaking down during class hours. Some of the students are also suffering from anxiety attacks in the middle of lectures.

Parents too are noticing a change in the behaviour of their children. Sujith K, a parent of a student, said, “My daughter is in 8th standard now. During the first lockdown she was eager to go back to school, however; now that offline classes have began, she finds excuses to miss school. She says that it is becoming difficult for her to cope up with her studies.”

The parents are worried hat such changed behaviours and the incapability of their children to continue with their academics like pre-pandemic times will impact their future careers.

Child psychologists, who are also seeing an increase in the cases of children suffering from anxiety say that it is extremely important to give children adequate time to adapt to the classroom environment as they had been away from it for quite a long time.

Gayathri Kiran, child psychologist, said, “The children were doing online classes for a very long time because of which they developed severe social anxiety. Since they were away from their classmates and doing everything through the screens in front of them, there was a gap in communication as well.”

Experts believe that schools should not rush with the syllabus. They also feel that the teachers should not overburden their students with too much of homework, especially during the first few weeks of offline classes. Experts say that teachers should be extremely patient with their students. They also are of the view that the teachers should always encourage their students instead of getting angry with them.

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