Tender SURE roads cause traffic Congestion in Gandhinagar

Published on October 19, 2019 by

Delay in Tender Sure road construction on Subedar Chatram Road, Cottonpete Road, and Kalidasa Road causes traffic congestion and hinders commuters.

The snail-paced progress of Tender SURE Project is causing traffic congestion on Subedar Chatram Road, Kalidasa road and Cottonpete road. The construction of Subedar Chatram and Cottonpete roads is 45% completed. The area is busy due to its proximity to City Railway Station, and Majestic Metro and Bus Stations. Mohan KS, who owns a medical shop in the area says, “People face problems to commute because the majestic bus-stop, the railway station is just beside the Gandhinagar.”

He adds “BBMP started the construction of white-topping roads in February. Promoters promised to finish the construction within six months. It has been already nine months, but the construction is still ongoing.”

People say the traffic congestion, and makes it dangerous for them to cross the road. Sathyanarayan B. Wavanow, a commuter says “BBMP constructed half of the road 3-4 months ago, and the remaining half is still under construction.  Several roads connect the SC road, and it creates congestion. It also troubles pedestrians during walking.”

Package 2 of the Tender SURE project was approved in 2017. After a delay, BBMP began work in February 2019, the project was scheduled to be in July. Executive Engineer of Tender SURE project, M Chandrasekhar says that the completion of white-topping of roads will take another two weeks because Tender Sure is a lengthy process. “Utility work is finished. White-topping of roads is 50% completed. Traffic department doesn’t allow constructing the entire road. Once we get permission to construct the entire ward from them, it will not take more than two weeks to complete the construction of white-topping of road of SC Road.” He added.

Urban Planner and Civic expert Anil Bhaskaran suggests, “If the construction requires prefabricated materials, those items can be fabricated outside the site and brought them into the site for installation to avoid the inconvenience. Public should put up with that in a larger interest of what is yet to come.”

BBMP says that 80% of work has been completed by BWSSB and that it will take another 3 months to complete the Tender Sure project in Gandhinagar

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