The white strips on the roads are not being utilize

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Zebra crossings on the roads are meant for the safety of the pedestrian and yet they fell unsafe while crossing the road.

Reported by:- Shlok Arya

Bangalore, 24/9/2019, 8.29 pm

The zebra crossing was made in order to make the pedestrian feel safe during crossing. In order to increase safety measures, the government of Karnataka installed 52 pelicans in 2005 out of which 30 still works. In recent time, the government has promised to install 60 more by 2018, even after it failed to keep the road safety due to vandalism by the public.

In the light of pedestrian safety, the pelican lighting failed at doing its works and the problem for the pedestrian to cross the road still remains and therefore the government changed pelican lighting from manual to automatic.

A pedestrian Nalapir said “in Cubbon Park, I find a problem in walking and I am scared to walking because the car suddenly stops and sometimes they rush over and due to the negligence I find problem walking on road”

At the time the pedestrians themselves ignore zebra crossing and crosses from the middle of the road making it difficult for the drivers. Manjunath a driver said “Everyone in Bangalore due to traffic is always in rush. Due to the heavy traffic and regular stoppage at the road, the drivers tend to get irritated and thus neglect slow downing of cars at the zebra crossing which creates a problem for pedestrians.”

According to the road safety act, the driver should reduce their speed while approaching a zebra crossing thus allowing people to cross the road. ACP M.C Kavitha commented that neither the drivers nor the pedestrians understand the gravitas of the zebra crossing on road, therefore, she blamed both sides of the party for violating the zebra crossing rules.

“The drivers and pedestrian both are to be blamed for the violation. The drivers are always in rush to cross the road while pedestrian takes traffic light for granted” said ACP M.C Kavitha. There is no punishment for this offense but they are liable to pay 1000 rupees according to the new motor vehicle act.

The traffic expert believes it is important to change the design of zebra crossing to keep the drivers’ speed in check. M.N Srihari traffic engineer said “Nowadays in Bangalore thought I understand these phenomena, we are creating a high raise pedestrian crossing, both side vehicles have to climb 15 cm and then come. Due to that reason and advance signboards, there is some hurdle for the vehicles obviously they will come down or reduce the speed”

Along with the increase in fines for traffic violations, the government plans to adopt elevated zebra crossing to combat this problem.

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