There is an increase in sales of traditional firecrackers despite the fact they cause pollution.

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The younger generation opts for traditional firecrackers despite knowing it causes pollution


There has been an increase in the sale of traditional firecrackers by 30% according to Madhan Kumar a wholesale firecracker merchant and owner of Shree Chakravarty Traders.


He says the increase in sales is due to the younger generation spending large amounts during the festive season.


Pavan Kumar, a student, said, “I spend around 500 to 600 daily on firecrackers. Bursting firecrackers for 1-2 days won’t cause that much effect on the nature.”


The Supreme Court has laid down guidelines that banned crackers having barium salts as they cause pollution.


Madhan Kumar said, “Traditional firecrackers don’t cause pollution. They are perfectly safe. It’s just Western Propaganda spreading lies and rumors about the firecrackers.”


But Dr.Yellapa Reddy, a noted environmentalist, disagrees with this and says that the smoke from the crackers will harm the bees and butterflies which are responsible for the pollination of crops on which the entire food cycle depends.


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