Training to Bridge Tech-Gap for Sericulturist

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The Silk Samgra Scheme 2 is trying to bridge the technology gap between silk reelers and
automatic silk reeling technology.
Bengaluru: The Central Silk Board said that it aims to increase silk production in India from
3600 metric tonnes to 4500 metric tonnes of yarns. The silk samgra scheme is to scale up
production by improving the quality and productivity of silk through technology. For the
phase two will focus on the loopholes of phase one the central silk board is going to help the
sericulturists to improve their skills. They are going to give them accomodation facility at silk
board to get theoratical as well as practical training.
M.G. Itagi, Scientist-D, Training Unit of Central Silk Board said, “We will invite the
technical people to give 10 days or 13 days training program to the silk reelers. It is an
entrepreneurial program.”
Earlier, under the silk samagra one 140 people were given the automated silk reeling
machines out of which only 80 are functional. The central and state government gave 75
percent subsidy for the machines that cost around 75000 rupees to 1 lakh rupees the
automated silk reeling machine help the sericulturist to maintain a uniform thickness
throughout for a yarn. However, most of the silk sericulturist don’t know about the
appropriate thickness. This leads to low tenacity of the thread. Noor Beg, M. B. Silk
Company, Ramnagara said, “We try to produce the thread reels but it keeps on getting
damaged. We are 300 silk reelers here. We have the machine but we don’t know how to use
it. We are facing huge loses.”
The silk board is going to ask all its sub units at district level to look after the silk coccon
distribution. Sericulturist with non-functional machines can contact the district-level units
silk board to get trained. Subhash Nayak, Director of post cocoon production said that the
sericulture industry should focus on enhancing the quality and quantity of silk production to
reduce the silk imports from China.

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