Unhygienic food affecting public health

Published on October 16, 2022 by

Customers of restaurants in Jayanagar, Bengaluru are worried about the food safety and hygiene standards of food they are served.

Varsha Naidu, resident of Jayanagar says “unfortunately after two-three tries of food we ordered corn sandwich here. I felt bit uneasy after sometime when I went home I had a upset stomach. Later on it became too much so I went to doctor. He told me I had stomach infection because I ate something unhygienic.”

According to Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006, it is mandatory for any business that is involved with food needs to be inspected once in two weeks.

Monil. S, a worker in restaurant says,“I am working in this restaurant from past three years, officers do visit for inspection but in interval of two-three months and sometimes in three-four months.”

However, Food Safety Commissioner of Bengaluru says, any business involved with food article which contains inappropriate matter, will be liable to a penalty of rupee 5 lakh. In some cases license are being cancelled and the food business operator may face imprisonment.

According to Dr. Ananya Balraj, general physician “what we can expect is, if food is not handled in a proper way than people tend to fall sick, it can start with simple vomiting, nausea or loose stools and it can go up to some severe infections.”

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) has been created for regulating science based standards for articles of food for human consumption.


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