Vegan cosmetics are the new normal.

Published on February 23, 2022 by

Vegan cosmetics are gaining popularity despite them being expensive.

According to Statista, vegan cosmetics are 17.3 percent of the cosmetic industry in the world. The numbers are predicted to keep rising.

Anshula Jaiswal, animal rights activist and vegan community member said, “Being Vegan means that you choose not to harm animals for your benefit. I started buying vegan products and vegan cosmetics, which are also cruelty-free, that are not tested on animals. I’ll continue to buy them even if they are expensive is because it is an ethical issue more than anything else.”

This perspective is catching on. According to Market Research Future shows the market value of vegan cosmetics is set to grow by 6.1 percent from 2017 to 2023 in India.

Akanksha Suresh, owner and manufacturer of Organics said, “Our vision is centered around the ethics of beauty. Vegan products are harder to make, and they cost more.”

A normal moisturizer costs Rs. 90 for 50 ml. The same quantity of a vegan moisturizer costs Rs. 470. Yet, customers increasingly prefer vegan products.

Shikha Chellani, Owner of Kramatic Angel, Beauty Industry Beauty Expert said, “Vegan products have been introduced a few years back. In vegan cosmectics, number one is the important process. In chemical, the process is cheaper. Secondly, in vegan, the preservatives are very less, now to preserve something which already has a difficult process in making will already increase the cost of it.”

For many people, going vegan is not just an environmental cause but also reflects upon one’s self.

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