Wax Candle Makers in the City Struggle in the Markets due to Competition from China

Published on April 12, 2019 by

Wax candle in India are famous for its unique shapes and aroma. These candles are used extensively during Diwali festival. But now the competition from the Chinese candle makers is putting their business at loss. Manjunath R, wax candle seller said, “The candle business is facing a loss of 60-70 percent, especially due to Chinese candles. People obviously want to buy whatever is cheaper. But China made candles is of bad quality. It is made of chemicals and animal fat. But our Indian candles are made of wax and are of a better quality.”

The raw materials for making wax candles in India costs Rs 88 per kg, whereas china made wax candles is available for less than 40 per kg according to the wax candle makers. Hence people prefer to buy china made wax candles as they are cheaper in the market.

Thangamagan, an official from (Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited) CPCL said, “The wax we sell is made of good quality petroleum and paraffin. Hence the price is high. There are no toxic chemicals in our wax like the china candles. But the market is low as there is no much export of candles to other countries.”

The Union budget announced a customs duty hike on imported candles up to 25% from the existing 10%, local manufacturers have been offered a chance to match up to the cross-border onslaught. Shashikumar R Economist, Bangalore University said, “Export promotion and import substitution has to be boosted. Either India has to increase its export or substitute its import. The minimum guarantee price and not the minimum price have to be given to the candle manufacturers.”

In India, candles are bought for decorations during festivals and hotels for special occasions. People prefer buying china made candles as they are in pretty shapes and attractive colors.


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