Wedding planners cutting costs to bring customers

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People in the city who are planning to get married are avoiding hiring wedding planners post lockdown.

Bengaluru: Wedding Planners are coping with the massive losses incurred during the lockdown and are coming back on track ahead of this wedding season by cutting down on costs.

 “Now the Covid curbs have been reduced. From 50, now 400 people are allowed to attend the weddings. People have started booking the venues. This is a very good thing for us,” says Ashok Udupa, the owner of Chamra Vajra Wedding Planners. 

According to the president of the Karnataka Events Management Association, there were more than 200 wedding planners in the city. Around 50 per cent of them have shut down while others have changed their businesses. Only well-known planners have managed to keep their business running through the lockdown.

But people, who have got married post lockdown or are planning to get married, are not hiring wedding planners. They say that weddings have become a private affair with limited people attending, so they do not want to spend on wedding planners. 

Others say that they do not want to involve other people as the family members want to participate in the wedding preparations. 

Rohaan Saleem, the CEO of Wedsy says that “Earlier people would spend Rs.20 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs on a wedding pre covid. But now the people are not opting because fewer people are attending the programmes, so no one is there to see the grandeur. 

Ashok Udupa also said that to get back the clients, they are cutting down on costs and are providing better packages that would include decor, flowers, choreographers, hosts and make-up.

Due to the limitations on the number of people attending weddings, people have stopped booking huge convention halls and banquet halls and are shifting to 5-star hotels or private resorts. Consequently, most of the banquets and convention halls have shut down.

The President of Karnataka Events Management Association, Amit Sangla says, “Cutting down costs is not an option. We have to think about the long term business. If planners continue the cost-cutting, it would haunt the business in the long run.”

As people are getting used to the current situation, these wedding planners are also coming up with new strategies that would go hand in hand with the new normal.

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