Where is Ma’am?

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Where is Ma’am?

Students who cannot read and write are increasing.

Yukta Shah

Bengaluru, Nov 10, 2021

ASER reports say that there is nearly 33.2 percent of students in government schools who do not know how to read and write in Karnataka. P. Jaya, a student of Government High School said, “One teacher teaches all the subjects. I do not understand what she teaches.” The Department of Public Instruction said, “There is still a vacancy of 25,800 for teachers in government schools. We are planning to recruit guest teachers until they are filled. There is a shortage of teachers. It is due to their retirement, transfer, and in some cases, deaths. We are planning to recruit with some guest teachers”

Teachers of government schools tell us that they are unable to cope with the number of students they have to teach.  “As there are very few teachers, we are only teaching all the subjects, which is very tiring and it also reduces our efficiency in teaching.” Expert, Kapil Kumar Bhattacharya said about the shortage of teachers affects the studies of the students. He said, “For the proper teaching-learning experience, there should be a limited student-teacher ratio. If the ratio exceeds the limit, the teacher cannot give equal attention to all students; consequently, the performance of the students suffers.” The shortage of teachers in government schools is affecting its students severely.

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