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Construction workers live in poorly ventilated housing facilities provided by the smart city project

The substandard housing provided by the subcontractors of the namma metro project are in obscure place with poor living conditions Vaishnavi Gopalraj Bengaluru, 31 Jan 2023 The poor substandard housing facilities provided under the namma metro project forced laborer to live in the poor ventilation housing facilities. The workers usually stay with 10-15 people living […]

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Migrant workers unable to access state healthcare schemes

Poor living and working conditions leave migrant workers with no social security and unreliable wages Vaishnavi Gopalraj Bengaluru, Jan 2023 Despite being entitled to free healthcare facilities for the informal sector under  the Rastriya Bima Yojana, many migrant workers are unaware of how to avail the service of the health card schemes.  Subhash, a migrant […]

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