Sextortion cases are on rise.

Published on October 15, 2022 by

Police say more Internet users are falling prey to sextortion, and their explicit photographs are being used.

T Sree Praharshitha

11th Oct 2022

Extortion using sexual pictures is coming to light and is increasing in Bangalore.

According to the data from the Cyber Bureau and Cyber Crime Police, six cases were registered this year whereas there were only four cases in the previous two years.

However, the cyber security experts say these numbers do not reflect the magnitude of the real problem. Many victims who fall prey to these crimes do not file complaints. Dr.Dilip H Ayyar, Cyber Security Expert said that many of the cases are not reported because victims fear the consequences of it. He added that in many of these cases men are more accused than women.

According to Cognitive Behavioural therapy psychologist, Shekinah Shammah, the victims live in constant fear, paranoia and extreme anxiety.

Assistant Sub-Inspector of Cyber Police mentioned that many of such cases are solved by tracing the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) pin used in the extortion.

Data Experts say the hackers take a chance to steal data by sending messages and mails to the people who have activities in unusual sites. If the person feels guilty about using these sites, he becomes a victim.

Vijayashankar, Chairman of Data Protection Professionals in India said that Data Protection failure comes when a virus is planted in the mobile of a particular person or the computer. They visit certain sites like dating sites and other sites that are fundamentally malicious.

Cyber security experts believe that the increase in these incidents is due to lack of awareness among individuals. Teenagers should be taught the difference between right and wrong.

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