Ain’t no Help for Covid Frontline Workers

Published on September 30, 2021 by

The mental health issues medical staff  have developed during pandemic are under-recognized and unaddressed.

Bengaluru: A study done by the department of community medicine, Sri Devaraj Ursacademy of higher education shows half of the medical staff in Karnataka who works in Covid centres suffer “corona anxiety and severe psychopathology.”

“National mental health programs have not been streamlined yet in India. It still looks good only on papers. Cognitive based therapy or rehab  is very much needed for Frontline health care workers who work during Pandemic but no effort has been made and Stress and Anxiety being common but addressing them has been far to reach.” Pradeep Tarikere Satyanarayana, Assistant professor at Sri Devaraj Urs academy of higher education said.

Studies show “COVID-19 can be an independent risk factor for stress in health care workers”. Dr.Malatesh, general practitioner in Kumbalgudusaid his working hours have increased since pandemic and reduced the time he spends with his family. He added thatlong hours at clinic have also led to psychosis.

The Karnataka government has decided to implementthe Mental Healthcare Act but psychologist Dr.Vallikiran said, “Frontline workers including the medical community went through a lot during the pandemicand it would have been good if there was little more health infrastructure.”

Mental health care goes unnoticed in India and there is a need to sensitize the public and government towards the mental health issues faced by health care professionals.

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