Air Conditioner sales on full swing

Published on April 12, 2022 by

With the ongoing heat wave in Bangalore, citizens are opting for cooler solutions to beat the heat

Bengaluru: Air Conditioner dealers noticed a surge in their sales by 20-30 percent this summer due to the soaring temperature in the city. Idrish Basha, Store manager, Reliance Digital, Millers Road, said “AC Sales are increasing as the temperatureis also increasing. In this month we have alreadysold 30-35 numbers.”

According to the Indian Meteorological Department’s weather report, last year in the month of April the average temperature recorded was 30.8°C. However, this year the temperature soared up to 34°C in the month of April. Nijesh RG, a resident said, “The weather has changed so drastically that AC is not a luxury anymore. It has become a necessity. Previously in Bangalore weather we never thought we would require AC but now because of the increasing heat we are planning to buy one.”

Bangalore, a city known for its excellent weather has been experiencing a harsh summer this year with little to no rain. In comparison to this year, last year, Bengaluru received more than 60mm of rain in the first ten days of April. This was more than the monthly average of 41.5mm.

Indian Meteorological Department also said that the temperature has been on the rise for the past few weeks with little chances of rain.IMD’s prediction about a hotter-than-usual summer comes as a relief for dealers as they are hopeful to recover after slow business due to the pandemic. Biresh Kumar, Store Manager, Girias, Malleshwaram said, “For the past two years, nobody was really buying ACs. We’ve done fantastic sales last month also and we will get great sales this month too.”

With the temperature rising to 32 degrees today, all Bangaloreans want is a glass of chilled watermelon juice and a cool room to beat the heat.

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