APMC yards receive damaged onions, farmers profit reduced

Published on December 3, 2022 by

Gadag farmer gets Rs 8 for 205 Kg of onions in B’luru.


A farmer from Gadag got Rupees 8.36 after selling 205 Kg of onions at the Yashwantpur.



Farmers from Gagad complain that they only get 8 rupees for giving 205 kg of onions.

APMC yard officers say that they get the onions which are of very poor quality. Here onions cost rupees 18 per kilo. Syeed Siddiqui, an APMC officer, says that “the onion was rotten totally that’s why they received so little.”

Suppliers says that due to heavy rainfall in most of the areas in Bangalore, onions got rotten.

Nayaz Ahmed, a supplier says “The onions got rotten because of the heavy rains. We received the onions late and they were already rotten.”

In APMC the cost of onion is rupees 18 per kilo and in the market the vendors sell at rupees 30 per kilo. APMC Yard officers believes that onions they received were damaged that’s why farmer could not get the money.




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