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Published on November 30, 2021 by

Immunity booster shots should be a must for front-line workers.

The immunity booster shot is necessary for front-line workers, according to Virologist Dr. Ishwar Gilada. He also added, “We are discussing the requirement of booster dose for those who have been vaccinated almost a year back. Because they have taken the doses in January and February and it’s almost 10 months since they have taken the dose and they have the evening immunity. So if at all boosters dose is required it will be required for them. “With the rise in Covid cases and the fear of third wave approaching, Karnataka Government is still deciding whether to give booster shots to front-line workers. Tejas Babu, a surgeon from Victoria Hospital said, “Being a Front-line line worker I think we should get a booster shot as we also know about how it is with the Covid scenes right now. We are more exposed to the patients coming in here.” Countries all across Europe have begun administering booster doses while Indians still waits for the same.

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