Bengaluru Traffic Police to install new surveillance systems

Published on October 15, 2022 by

The automated traffic violation detection system is going to be installed at 60 major traffic intersections across the city.


Bengaluru, October 7,2022: Bengaluru Traffic Police plans to start using the Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) system later this year. The system costs 18 crore to the Bengaluru police. It was scheduled to be installed by August 2022, but due to technical glitches its installation has been pushed to the end of 2022.

Since 2019, the RLVD system has been in use at 10 traffic intersections on a trial basis. The Police informed that by analysing this data (of the data collected), several technical improvements are being made for the upcoming RLVD systems. The process has not been completed yet due to certain technical issues. It will soon be over.

Darshan G K, a motorist who got fined by one of the RLVD systems on trial, said, “I was going to Hebbal from Yelahanka. There was a green signal, so I thought I could cross. But as soon as I crossed the zebra crossing, the traffic light turned red. Later I got a message saying that an e-challan was issued against my vehicle.”

B S Srinivas, Assistant Commissioner of Police Traffic, said that the RLVD system will help in reducing the police personnel required to manage the traffic for catching offenders. It can also be used to identify vehicles used in any crimes. He added that such systems, in future, can not only be used to identify the red light violations but also without seatbelt driving and motorists with no helmet.

Experts believe that technology should be leveraged more and more by the government. Dr P Pavan Kumar, Head of the Department of Architecture, Bangalore University said, “Technology should not evolve as only sectoral based. There should be a cross-sectoral approach while using technologies, to solve real world problems. It means technology should be used to solve multiple problems at one time. It should not be limited to just one application. It will help the Government to reduce expenditure and at the same time make its application more efficient.”

In 2021, there were 8,22,529 traffic signal violation cases. Police said that since such violations can be easily monitored by the RLVD system, it will be expanded to more intersections in the future.

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