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BESCOM aims to cut down its workers’ accidents and deaths with some new strategies

Bengaluru: BESCOM will launch safety training programs for its workers shortly. In addition to this, they will procure better safety equipment for their employees’ safety. According to the data given by BESCOM, around 350-400 BESCOM workers die every year. Apart from this, the guidelines laid down by BESCOM state that line workers must use a safety belt and rubber gloves. It also suggests that a leather belt should be used when working on overhead locations. The media, however, reports these accidents and deaths every so often. “We will train our workers for a week. In this one week, we will teach them how to use all the equipment. We will explain everything to the line workers in detail” said Chandran K S, Head of Safety Department, BESCOM.

While the BESCOM officials say that their workers have access to all kinds of safety equipment, the workers, especially the line men, are not seen wearing any. “My concern also is the number of deaths. We want to cut down the number of deaths. When I saw the number of accidents and deaths, I was shocked” said Aveen Gubbi, Protocol Assistant, BESCOM.

“We have given our workers everything, but they do not wear it. It is the job of the Executive Engineer of a particular area to make sure the line workers wear safety gear. It is the protocol. But, nobody maintains it” he added.

“We use all the safety material that is given to us. At least I use it. Whenever I see somebody without the safety gear, I always advise them to wear it” said a line worker, Purushotam. As opposed to what the line man had to say, residents have been noticing line men working with electrical wires without any safety gear. Some residents even find line workers get busy on top of towers without any equipment to come down. Experts say that it is crucial to comply with the safety norms. The line workers are required to wear safety gear before they are headed to work.


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