Boy abducted, rescued in three days

Published on March 19, 2019 by

Girinagar police rescued a three-year-old boy who was kidnapped by an auto driver in three days. The boy was kidnapped while he was playing with his brother. The auto driver gave 20 rs. to his brother to get juice while he abducted the boy. The police immediately came into action after complaint was filed.

Vinay KL, Sub-inspector of Girinagar police station said, “We worked entire night and day to find the boy. It was team work. We took help from the traffic police as well. We looked into CCTV footages and saw the blur auto number. We then looked for a model and started tracking autos. Luckily we found him.”


The police also mentioned that they spent 25000 Rs. from their own pocket to get data from various sources as the boy’s family was economically not sound. The Sub Inspector also mentioned, “The boy was sold to a lady who took good care of her. The auto driver manipulated her saying that he will do the registration for adoption on Monday. So the lady has not been punished but an auto driver is in jail.”


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