C&D Waste suffocates Bangalore

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Despite large scale ongoing construction projects, recycling is minimal


Bengaluru is a city that has major active construction projects. However, only 20 percent of the Construction and Debri (C&D) waste gets recycled. Rajesh k, owner of Rock Crystal, the only C&D recycling plant in the city, said that only 200 tonnes of waste is being recycled every day.

Since there is no recovery value, illegal dumping has increased. Builders and construction companies said that they dump their waste on the roadside or on open lands after their work. Suraj S., a construction worker said, “We leave it by side of the road, then maybe someone picks it up. We don’t know.”

A construction company owner, said, “We want to recycle, but it is expensive to send the waste to the recycling plant. We use the waste for filling purpose.”

Since there is no proper regulated mechanism, the waste is usually dumped in open fields, by the side of highways or in lakes. The resultant dust also hampers the air quality of the city. Sandhya Narayan, Solid Waste Management expert, said, “Because of fine particles, the incidence level of public health has been affected, and there is enough evidence to show it is because of C&D waste. A lot of land is also used up due to this, where they dump the waste. This also attracts other waste dumping.”

It is estimated that over 4000 tonnes of C&D waste is being generated in the city due to multiple large-scale ongoing projects. The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahinagara Palike (BBMP)officials say that due to the expensive affair of sending the waste to the recycling plant, most builders don’t opt for it.

Basavaraj R. Kabade, Superintendent, Solid Waste Management, BBMP, said, “We are coming out with a solution wherein the large-scale apartment buildings need to seek permission and give a plan for C&D waste management. Only then they will be given a certificate of approval. After sending it to recycling plant and receiving a certificate from there, they will be given the next approval, of say occupancy and such.”

Officials say there is definite need to ensure enforcement of the rules. They plan also on growing their capacity to handle C&D waste in the city.

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