Create for seconds to earn Thousands

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Short video hosting platforms

Create for seconds to earn thousands

More than a million creators on the Indian video making apps make profit by simply creating content.


All it takes is to create a 30 sec video everyday  for millions of content creators in India to earn around 30K and more per month. Ayesha Kapur, a content creator on Moj said, “I started making content on moj 6 months back, I have entered into an exclusive contract with them, where I can’t leave them without notice and cannot join any other competitive app till I am working with them. I earn 40K per month and I have followers of 1.8k.” She also added,”the more number of followers the creator has the more money they make.”

After the ban on Tik Tok, domestic apps have filled the gap in the market. Apps like Moj, Roposo and MxTakatak have witnessed a download of more than 300 million in a span of one year.  Sharechat, the parent company of Moj is now valued at $2.8bandMxTakak is expected to enter the unicorn list later this year.


Archana lal, a Moj user said, “I used to use Tik Tok but after the ban I started watching Moj and Mx Takatak and I really enjoy them”. Business and app analysts believed the government’s step towards the banning of Chinese apps gave a golden opportunity not only to the company to attract more creators and users but also employed many tech leaders and coders with higher-paid packages. Ankita Kumar, a business analyst said, “In less than 45 days after the ban, homegrown companies witnessed a download of more than 20m, resulting them to make profits but also putting a lot of pressure on the company to meet the standards of the consumer and hence companies like sharechat and roposo have hired more than 200 coders, increased their marketing and have marked their name in the global successful startup list.”


The ban may have resulted in the loss of Tik Tok, but it economically benefitted the Indian apps, increased employment in the software sector and gave a space for creators to present their creation.

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