Customers not-Friendly to Eco-Friendly Hotels

Published on November 18, 2021 by

Eco-friendly hotels run with 30-45 percent occupancy due to lack of awareness among customers about sustainable stays.

Bengaluru: Madhukar Shetty, secretary of Hotel Association, Bengaluru, said that eco-friendly hotels or green hotels run with 30-45 percent occupancy. This is due to a lack of awareness among customers about sustainable hospitality.

Unlike normal hotels, green hotels use sustainable and eco-friendly methods. They use renewable tidal or solar energy, encourage local products, preserve biodiversity, recycles water and sometimes ventilate the rooms naturally. Thus, the customer has to pay an “eco-charge” concerning the construction and maintenance of them.

The secretary of the hotel association added, “The cost difference is there like 20-25 percent. If the demand for green hotels will be more, I think many people will start the green hotelling by making it affordable.”

A study on green hospitality in Bengaluru, by the Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad, showed 84 percent of guests do not consider eco-stays while booking a hotel. They focus on experiencing the destination rather than spending money on hotels.

Krishna Gupta, a traveler, said, “I don’t think I have ever considered eco-friendly criteria. People might have that extra money to pay for extra eco-friendly services. But I don’t think right now I am willing to pay extra.”

Down to Earth reported that global tourism produces eight percent of green-house emissions from different factors. However, green hotels like Sunyata hotel in Chikmagalur that are looking to reduce this. It uses renewable energy to bring down the emission of CO2 by 70-75 percent.

Sirisha Rao, Head of Housing, Grand Mercure, Bengaluru said, “When you have guests who are aware, you have to cater to their need.” They have sustainable hospitality but are trying to implement new recycling and reusing techniques by 2022.



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