Dogs – bred well, exploited as well

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Breeders do not follow the rules and regulations while breeding their dogs.

Bangalore: Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA), an animal rescue shelter, has rescued more than 100 diseased dogs, on an average that were abandoned by dog breeders.

Sandhya Mandappa, president and honourable trustee, CUPA said, “We have picked up and confiscated at least a hundred dogs after they were bred and left on the roads and rehabilitated and re-homed them.”

The dogs rescued from the breeders are malnourished with skin and vaginal infections. Many of the dogs have malformed bones as they were kept in cages which did not receive enough sunlight or have enough space.

“Their legs are bent. They cannot walk around properly. Their muscle tone is gone because they have been in a sitting position most of the time or at the most standing. These are the things you find in a dog that has been continuously bred without any break. Some were even found with hanging teeth.”added Sandhya.

The breeders are scattered across the city and is extremely difficult to locate them as they carry out these activities in their backyards and garages. They never take the buyers to the breeding spots. Hence, they are unaware of the poor conditions in which the dogs are kept.

Inbreeding of dogs, where dogs of the same family are bred, is a very common occurrence which causes critical health issues among the puppies.

Laws such as Prevention of Cruelty to Animals act were formulated to curtail cruelty against dogs. Under the act, breeders are required to register themselves with the State Animal Welfare Board. However, little effort has been taken by the government to implement the same.

Majority of the breeders in the city are not registered. Ashkar Ali, a dog breeder in Bangalore said, “I have a female Golden Retriever. I recently sold around 4-6 puppies. My previous litter was sold three months ago. I don’t really know about any license; I don’t even have one.”

Vets say, after a female dog has given birth, she should be allowed to rest for at least six to eight months. However, breeders breed the dogs within two to three months of them giving birth.

Vets also say that to keep the puppies healthy, they should be kept with their mother for at least 45 days.

Dr Nawaz Shariff, Chief Veterinarian, PFA pet clinic said, “The illegal breeders do not follow the health precautions for the dogs and use them as a breeding factory. They want to bring her back into heat faster, so they separate the puppies faster. When the puppies grow up they have immunity issues, more prone to diseases, their bones become brittle so they have hip dysplacia and many other issues.”

NGOs say it is extremely difficult to keep track of all the illegal breeders in the city as they are always on the move. The only way to stop these breeders is by the public adopting dogs instead of buying them.

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