Excessive Self-medication of medicines affecting people

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There is an increase in the purchase of medicines due to which it is taken as overdose for certain ailments.

22ndSep 2022, Bengaluru There has been an upsurge in the usage of certain medicines being used by people without prescription, says, Dr Praveen, Victoria Hospital.

People generally tend to self-medicate once they purchase medicines from the pharmacists. Over a period of time they tend to use it as a routine medicine for their illness if it persists. This situation leads to people consuming medicines imprudently, which in turn affects their body’s immune system.

Dr.Deepak, who works at an Emergency Care Unit in Victoria Hospital, said, “If you complain about a stomach pain or a body pain, and I prescribe you a certain drug after examining you for that ailment/illness. Now, how the situation unfolds is once the patient goes back home and again gets the same pain, he/she would prescribe themselves to eat the same medicine, which is not acceptable in certain cases. There are certain instances wherein people tend to self-medicate themselves which can prove detrimental in the longer run; this is something that physicians face as a problem.”

There is an increase in the purchase of certain medicines that are taken as an overdose for the recovery of ailments like body pain, stomach pain. Nimesulide, Augmentin and Zolpedium are the two drugs amongst others that are given to the patients without checking the prescriptions even after knowing about their harsh effects on the body. This misuse of medicines in certain instances can be backed with serious health implications, says, Dr Praveen, medical staff assistant at Victoria Hospital.

As per the report collected from the medical staff members of the Emergency Care Unit in Victoria Hospital, officials have also stated that there have been instances wherein the patients are in the phase of taking overdose of drugs after their prescribed duration is over for it to be continued further. The overdose of drugs in common ailments can also have serious implications on the body for the patient to rebuild its body resistance, says the medical assistant at Victoria Hospital.

Prof. Adnan Khan, Medical professor at Rajarajeshwari College states that: “Excessive usage of unprescribed medicines is an issue, especially when people tend to do this as a practice of self-medication. This particular situation messes up with their blood report and when the patient is analysed again, it becomes difficult to understand the cause of whatever is happening with the patient.The professor also claims that the usage of medicines that are not being prescribed and if taken up under self- medication could eventually affect the well-being of the patient in the longer run by hampering the immune system.





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