Flower rates increased by 5 times in KR Market

Published on September 26, 2022 by

The monsoon rains in Bengaluru have led to damage to the production of flowers. It has led to the hiked rates due to which people are facing difficulty in buying flowers in the festive season.


Prices of flowers in Krishnarajendra Market (KR Market) have increased by five times this festive season. People are finding it difficult to buy flowers for Pookalam during Onam festival. For average customers the prices are unaffordable.

“We have to spend Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 during festivals, which is very costly for us”, said a customer in KR Market.

Earlier, jasmines were sold for Rs 400 per kg on regular days, but now it’s Rs 2000. The demand of flowers is high because of festivals, but the rains have also affected its harvest. Farmers said that they have suffered significant losses as a result of the monsoon rains.

Also, there was a slight jump in the rates of flowers in the time of Ganesh Chaturthi festival, especially, marigold flowers which is Rs 100 for a kg now in the market.

“Due to the monsoon rains, I have lost a profit of Rs 50,000”, said Nagaraj, a flower farmer.

The expert believes that the use of shade nets can help flower fields from damaging during excess rains. Dr. Chennareddy Aswath, Principal in Indian Institute of Horticultural Research suggests that if the government thinks more of playhouses or shade net houses than even a normal farmer can get help from  it.


A farmer in Lingapura village who produces flowers and sells it to the KR Market said, “Due to this rain we are having problems. Insecticides are also not being provided for us, so the flowers get damaged.”

The expert explains, “The cost of cultivation is high, so during the festival, the farmers have to sell more. Because of rain, they are not able to produce. That is why the cost is becoming higher. There is no open market for farmers to sell their flowers. If the government did this, then farmers would be relieved.”


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