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Published on April 20, 2022 by

Many food delivery partners suffer due to the hike in fuel prices.

The hike in the fuel price is affecting food delivery partners badly with fuel prices hiked for the 14th time in the last 10 days. To deal with this hike, delivery partners are now having to spend money out of their own pockets. This puts them in a difficult spot as it affects their day-to-day deliveries.

Syed Imran, a Zomato delivery guy, said, “In the starting when we used to fill petrol, it was just 50 rupees now I have to put 100 rupees extra. This is why we are facing a problem, I usually travel 120 km per day. Zomato is helping us with this. Earlier I used to save almost rupees 3000 but now I’m paying more than that.”

Syed Kabir Ahmed, a Dunzo delivery guy said, “If the price increases by 5 to 10 rupees then we will approach our company to increase our salary also. Right now! we are getting compensation and that’s why we can adjust. We are also spending from our pocket.”

Economists say that external factors like the Russia – Ukraine conflict are triggering the hike in the price of fuel.

Professor Keshav, Economist, Bengaluru University said, “When it passes on to the consumer then the inflation will increase, everything has already increased. Because the transportation price will initially keep increasing. If the public transport system is adequate and if it is on time then people would have already shifted. Everyone is getting affected by this.” Companies are helping their partners right now but for how long can they are sustained.




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