Hard time continues for Fitness and Gym industries

Published on December 21, 2020 by

                  Hard Time Continues For Gym And The Fitness Industries

   Gyms lying empty and devoid of customers


    Gym and other fitness Industries of Digboi, Assam have been hit by the Covid pandemic severely and it has been suffering drastically and are seeing a huge drop in their clients.

  Digboi, Assam: Because of the pandemic, outdoor exercises and gyming has taken a back seat but now as it has opened, people are still unsure going to the gyms as a result the gym owners and the trainers are having a tough time. There has also been a drop in 40-50 percent in its customers, the gym trainers reported. The livelihood of the people has been affected severely, the ones connected with the fitness industry.

     Also there has been a decline in 40-50 percentage of membership since the last few months.

  Rishav Dutta, gym instructor said, “We are maintaining the required hygiene and moreover the sanitization of the gym takes place everyday but irrespective of these factors we are seeing a drastic fall in our clients.”

       “Our fitness industry has been the worst affected sector. Initially we comprised of 70 members but in the present scenario only 10 are coming now.Because of this pandemic, I had to incur huge losses and till the present day I have not been able to compensate for it. Also after every slot, we have 30 minutes of break to sanitize our area, the members they carry their own yoga mats, towels and sanitizers to minimize the contact. However with this my expenses have increased a lot” says Simanta Gogoi, owner cum trainer of the gym.

    Even the clients are having their own share of fear. Vinod Reddy, a student by profession said,”I used to visit the gym regularly but now because of the covid pandemic and the safety issues, I have stopped visiting the gym.”

      Another student who used to be the ardent visitor of the gym commented,”Since the month of April, I have stopped going to the gym. Because I  don’t want to put my life in danger.”

       The doctors and the health experts are urging people to visit the gym and to take proper care of their health in this pandemic. Dr Ajoy Debroy who is a doctor and has done his Phd in medicine said,”The first and the foremost thing comes the nutrition.We need to take proper nutrition and to generate more anti-bodies, nutrition is extremely important. So must and we should visit the gym to perform the physical exercise which is utmost necessary for our health.”

       Thus we see that the fitness industry needs a plan for its survival until the pandemic gets over.







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