Horn OK Blackspot: Accidents at Jakkur flyover

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According to the Yelahanka traffic police station grievous injuries and deaths have been observed on the Jakkur flyover, which is a black spot. Over speeding, rash driving and negligence are the main reasons for the accidents, according to sources.

By: Sreshti Srinivasan

The Jakkur flyover at Yelahanka has been observed to be a spot for increasing accidents over the years and this area has been declared as a black spot by Yelahanka traffic police station. Inquiries with the authorities show over speeding, rash driving and negligence by the public to be the main factor which causes the accidents.

Many commuters have also witnessed accidents on the flyover. Shankarappa one of the commuters, said, “Weekly twice or thrice a day accident will happen, motor bikes or cars and private vehicles. I have seen lot of accidents every month.”
Jakkur flyover was declared as a black spot in 2018. An area is declared as a black spot when more accidents are observed in that area accidents, as compared to other areas.

As per the data provided by the Yelahanka traffic police station, there was one death in 2019, six deaths recorded in 2020, four deaths in 2021. As of August 2022, 5 deaths have already been recorded.

Nirmala B.G sub inspector at Yelahanka traffic police station says, “People travel to the airport through this flyover. All are in a hurry, which leads to rash driving. People concentrate more on their mobile phones rather than fully focusing on the road while driving. They are busy in their phones or constantly thinking about their work.”

The Jakkur flyover, which starts from Kempapura and ends at Bhartinagar has a 500-meter stretch which does not have streetlights installed as it is next to an aerodrome. As the lights would distract the flights take off and landing, the aerodrome authorities do not permit the installation of streetlights. Sub Inspector Nirmala B. G informed us that while travelling on the flyover commuters can see the runway where the flights take off. People usually try to see that and they get distracted. This is also another reason for the accidents.

Rumble strips, sign boards showing ‘Accident Prone Areas’ are also being used to reduce the speed of the vehicles but still mishaps continue to happen. Professor M.N Sreehari, who is an Infrastructure, traffic, transportation and road safety expert and auditor for the National highways said, “The black spots should be addressed by road safety auditing. They should be made as safe as possible and every minute measures should be monitored by the experts. They should address it, give the report to the authorities for rectifications. This exercise should be conducted in every two years by the experts for the safety of our Indian roads.”


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