Illegal vehicle parking on rise

Published on December 17, 2020 by

Wrongfully parked vehicles on roadsides cause inconvenience to the locals. Mumbai Traffic Police tries to find solutions.

Mumbai: More than 3000 vehicles have been towed and more than 10,000 vehicles have been clamped by the Mumbai Traffic Police, reported a survey conducted by the traffic department. Traffic Police Constable Deepak More said that the number of vehicles has only been increasing. He added that the Mumbai Traffic Police has devised both online and offline methods of registering complaints regarding illegally parked vehicles.

Mumbai Traffic Police has started charging the drivers Rs 50 per hour for wrongful parking, added the Traffic Police Constable. After 48 hours, the vehicle is towed from the parking spot to the police station where the owner of the vehicle has to come to clear the dues. If a vehicle remains unclaimed, police approaches the Regional Transport Office of the area to get the details of the owner. If no owner is found, the vehicles are sent to the Corporation’s scrapyard.

National Head for IT for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Amit Patil said that, “If a car is fit to be reused, for instance a theft car in which no owner has come to claim it, it is auctioned. There are certain business houses in the country that bid for those cars. Nowadays, it’s online bidding!”

Illegal parking occupies the space indefinitely and is a safety hazard for other commuters. Local residents complained about lack of space for parking. Mahima Ramesh, a resident of Canara Colony in Mumbai said that “Mumbai is already such a congested city and these vehicles are parked here for months at an end, which causes a huge inconvenience to the locals as well.”

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