Implications of using steroids

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Bodybuilders are taking steroids that affects their health


There is a serious impact of taking steroids among bodybuilders.


Implications of using steroids are dangerous for our life.

Experts say Use of steroids is dangerous as it affects the players’ health.A bodybuilder player Tanya Verma said, “In the peer pressure of winning the competition I started taking steroids. I was already very lean so before the two or three months of the competition I started taking an overdose of steroids.”

She added “I face many health problems and when I went to the doctor he told me that due to overdose of taking steroids my liver failed 37 to 40 percent and they advised me to stop this.”

Dr Bharath Kumar, a sports medicine doctor said, “There is a cocktail of steroids that have been used and to prevent it from being detected from the doping test the additional steroids are taken to wash it away. So we need to simply increase the frequency of testing because no cycle is less than six to eight weeks or 12 weeks depending on the duration.”

He also added that “In the field of bodybuilding 70 percent of the players are taking steroids. As they take in oral form that mostly affect their liver or in injective form though needles have their own health risk or through cream and gel.”

There was also recent news that a TV actor died due to heart attack as a report from the doctors said that he was also taking steroids.

According to Karnataka Bodybuilding association more than 8000 people enroll in competition every year. Recently a gym in Indiranagar closed just because they were selling steroids there.

Doctors say one should not take overdose of anything as it leads to risk of lives. ” Adding to this Dr Deepak Verma from Victoria Hospital said “We all know that steroids are harmful for our health and overdose of anything is extremely dangerous. We have seen many players as they come for their health checkup and they detect their liver or kidney failed up to some extent. So, it is advisable to do something like more testing to prevent this.”





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