Increase in Anxiety cases in Karnataka

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3rd Dec, 2022 There has been a rapid increase in the number of anxiety cases in Bangalore Urban by 22 percent as per the District Wise Mental Health report.


Data from the State government report shows that the cases of anxiety have gone up from 25,600 in 2018 to nearly 35,000 in 2019-20 and then 44,655 in 2020-21. According to the Lancet report, Karnataka amongst all the other states has the highest prevalence of anxiety disorder.

Grace. G, a victim of anxiety and depression disorder says, “I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, three years ago. I also experienced symptoms like breathlessness, cold chest, shivering along with nightmares in the middle of the night with some palpitation. It is generally advisable that if you have these symptoms, it is perfectly okay to get professional help.”

Megha Singh, a psychology professor says, “Anxiety is basically a lingering unpleasant feeling of distress, what will happen in the future, which could have a basis. Many students do undergo anxiety either in the form of exam stress, but with growing numbers and media in place also with excess of time spent on screen by the students, so they are not getting time for themselves. Students, in school must be taught about psychology and must be trained about how to deal with the different disorder depending upon its severity.”

Dr Kulkarni, a psychiatrist says, “Some common symptoms of anxiety include worrying continuously, constant brooding, palpitation etc. There are different treatments for curing anxiety, we have psychological counselling or therapy, medication and along with this we advise them to practice breathing exercises, muscle relaxation exercises and also lifestyle changes like regular exercise, regular diet, sleeping on time, reduction in consumption of alcohol, this would be helpful in reducing anxiety within the population.”

Expert says if a child faces any panic issue or anxiety symptom, then he/she must be given proper counselling and alternative training to cope with it over time.

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