Increase in tarot card business

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There has been an increase in people’s faith in tarot cards despite knowing it is unreliable.

Bengaluru: With tarot reading going online, many people offer this as a service. Especially as they don’t need any prior experience and qualification. Tarot card readers are seeing a significant rise in number of clients over the last 5 years. Tarot card readers say because of the pandemic and the uncertainty many more people have started believing in Tarot.

“The current scenario of the pandemic, the uncertainty of the way things are going, I think people are a little anxious where they are heading to. Tarot is one of the ways they find solace. So there are new people coming on board,” said Tavikshini, who has been doing tarot readings for past 15 years.

Mostly college students offer tarot card readings online. They charge around Rs.500 to 1000 per session. Instagram pages for astrology and tarot reading are a hit amongst teenagers.

Arunima Mehta says, “I haven’t done any certificate course on it. I don’t think you need it. I do it for fun and my readings turn out to be true. I get a good feedback from my clients. You learn it with practice. You get the hang of it, how to talk to clients, gain trust.”

Satvika, client of tarotbyaru says,“I do it out of curiosity. Whenever I am paranoid about something, I want to know about my future. I want it to play out in a certain way, and when someone tells me exactly what I want to hear, it feels nice.”

Psychologists say that tarot works as a distraction for many. Tarot card is an external source of assurance for some people. Rather than working on the present, people look for some source of validation in the present. People who go for tarot are often in trouble or in doubt and are looking for alternatives.

Professor of Department of Jyotish, BHU,chandramuliupdhaya said that tarot doesn’t have a mathematical and scientific approach to it like astrology. Tarot is mostly a generalized personality profile.



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