Increase in the number of Job fraud cases in Bangalore

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The rapid increase in the number of job fraud cases in Bangalore has trapped a lot of people in it.

24th Jan, 2023

Cyber Crime Record Bureau data shows that in 2022 there are 642 cases of Job fraud and in 2021 there were 532 cases.

Meenakshi Sharma, a job fraud victim says, “when I went to 1 site, they asked me to register around 2000 rupees then after a while they asked me to pay again 4000 rupees for further processing fees and ask me to wait for 1-week interval. So, when I called them again after 1 week the number was showing invalid so I went to the police station and then I told them about everything so they said that there are many frauds going on right now about this online website.”

Recently The Directorate of Enforcement (ED) conducted search operations on 12 entities in Bengaluru allegedly involved in a part-time job fraud case and seized ₹5.85 crores under section 17 of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), 2002.

Ganesh Y.A, HR from Job Squad Consultancy says, “There are a lot of consultancies taking money from candidates in order to get a job. Please don’t bribe any of the consultancies in order to get a job because if you are giving a bribe that means bribing your own talent. We are completely into BPO. We hire and placed them we don’t even charge the candidate single money. We have clients like 247, KGISL, etc.”

The online recruiter officer believes that whenever any person is applying for a job before giving the registration amount, they should ask them about the brochure which only the legal company has with them.

Jaishankar, Director and Professor of Criminology says, “Nowadays after covid the frauds are increasing more as people did not notice the change in the name of companies. They simply apply for the jobs and then they got to know that the site was fake. Ngo can work for the awareness and the government should make a strong law to stop these frauds because most of the fraudsters are not from Bangalore they sit in different places and work at home.”









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