Insufficient water supply in K.Gollahalli village

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The Gram Panchayat has installed water tank and supplies water at different timings of the day to people to do their household activities.

The villagers of K.Gollahalli have complained about less water being supplied and also at a very low pressure, that creates inconvenience for them to carry on with their regular activities like washing clothes, cleaning utensils etc.

Shanti Kumari, a house helper and a resident of that village says, “It is difficult for me to do my regular household activities, as the supply duration is very less and I cannot refill my bucket, as the speed of the water is very slow and it takes time to fill even half a bucket of water in that one-hour duration.”

Another person from the village Mangla, also complains about less water being supplied and in slow pressure. She said, “I have to walk a distance to get water for my family, as the supply water is very less and slow in pressure, which makes it difficult for me and my family to carry on with the daily work.”

Data from the Rural and Panchayat Raj Development Department shows, that it is required to provide 55 litres of drinking water to each person per day. There are certain schemes that are also being provided in order to supply water to the villagers in time in Karnataka.

The Gram Panchayat of K.Gollahalli Village has installed a water tank with an investment of one to two lakh rupees, to supply water to the people in the village.

A Rural Development official from the Gram Panchayat, Ravi Kumar, says, “Water is supplied at different timings to different areas of K.Gollahalli village. Some people receive water in the morning at 5:00 a.m. and some in the afternoon. We have recently invested one to 2 lakh rupees to install a water tank in the village, that could solve the issue of less water supply, and villager’s dependency on purchasing water from outside. The issue of pressure would be resolved over time in certain areas of the village.

The Gram Panchayat of K.Gollahalli village is working towards supplying water to all the villagers in proper time and amount as stated by the Gram Panchayat head.

Chavvi, an expert from Waterraid NGO, said, “The water supply duration must be increased and sufficient amount of water should be supplied to people to efficiently work and carry on with their regular basic activities. Also, proper water management must be done, so that in such crisis situation people do not have to suffer much, and have the required water to continue their work.”



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