J.C colony facing  issues due to blocked drainage

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Blocked drains in J.C. Colony, Siddapura are making the lives of families living there miserable.

Bengaluru: The residents at J.C. colony in Siddapura, Lalbagh are facing a lot of issues with blocked drains. Despite having toilets at home, people are forced to spend on public toilets “There are 10 people in one family here, how is it possible to manage?” said Pradeep G., a resident of the colony.

The stagnant sewage smells bad and attracts insects and rats which sit on food and plates causing food poisoning among the residents of the area.

The situation becomes worse when it rains. The lack of drains means that the water stagnates in the streets and sometimes even enters the houses. According to a report by World Health Organization (WHO), areas with poorly drained storm water forms stagnant pools that provides breeding sites for disease vectors. It contributes to the spread of diseases like typhoid and cholera in the long run. “We have to block house doors with wood to stop water from coming in the house.” said Shreya Divya, resident of the colony.

According to the colon, the Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewage Board  (BWSSB) hasn’t fixed the problem even after repeated complaints.” We have complained a lot of times but they say that they won’t come to J.C. colony” said Pradeep G., resident of the colony.

However, BWSSB official said that the colony doesn’t have an authorized water system. The official also spoke about a proposal for a brand new pipeline which will take around four to six months to be built.

Dr. M.N. Chandrashekar, Dean & Professor of S.J.B School of Architecture and Planning said, “The water they must learn to pay for. Sewer, if you don’t provide the connection they end flooding the entire surface and surrounding areas. The other option left is public defecation.”

The whole issue has been going on for years and has become a serious concern for the families living there.



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