Learning New Subjects is the Only Hope

Published on March 24, 2022 by

Lacking proper infrastructure (vocational training, coding), schools are still not ready for the implementation of NEP.

Karnataka is the first state to implement the new National Education Policy (NEP). NEP states that concerted curricular and pedagogical initiatives, including the introduction of contemporary subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking, Holistic Health, Organic Living, Environmental Education, Global Citizenship Education (GCED), etc. at relevant stages will be undertaken to develop these various important skills in students at all levels. Many students ranging from classes 6th to 8th in Bengaluru lack basic computer knowledge.

As per Unified District Information System for Education plus (UDISE) 2019-20, nearly 66 percent do not have functional computer facilities and 92 percent do not have internet facilities. There are 2,10,502 government school teachers in Karnataka as of 2019. A report said that nearly 41,000 teacher posts have been vacant at primary and high schools in Karnataka.

Laxmi Kant, a school teacher in Karnataka Public School, Bengaluru said, “We don’t have separate teachers, what we are teaching the subjects no, we are only handling the subject. Vocational training and coding and all in the school we don’t have.  Most probably in the coming years we are going to start.”

Students say they don’t have new teachers appointed. Bibi Ayesha, a student of Karnataka Public School, Bengaluru said, “If you ask about coding and all, then no there is no coding here. We should learn new subjects; we should learn coding it will be good for our future. Now in this generation, no computers mean ‘no life no future’.”

The education department says they are supporting the process. Mangala S, an assistant manager in the Karnataka Education Department said, “We have provided funds and whatever is required to almost all the government schools in Bangalore. It now depends on them how they are using it. We are anyways doing it for the future of the children.”

On the other hand, school administrations say that if provided with proper support, they’d be able to progress more and implement NEP successfully.



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