Many government schools do not have computers.

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Many government schools do not have computers.


On the occasion of computer literacy day, many government schools do not have the infrastructure to teach students to use computers.

According to the Department of school education and literacy, only 17.1percent government schools have computers. Students say that they face problems due to the unavailability of computers in school.

Chintan Kumar from government school says “My earlier school had a computer but this one does not have one so I used to play games then but now I am not able to play.”

In addition, schools don’t have sufficient qualified computer teachers to train the students.

Teachers from the government school say “We don’t have enough space and there are no trained teachers in government schools that is why we don’t have computers in our schools.”

The Department of Education says that skilled and trained teachers are very important in schools and computers are very important to be updated.

Shashi Kumar an educationist says “Most of the computers are provided by CSR funding. That is an unfortunate situation. The government only provides these on paper but when it comes to reality these children are deprived of the facilities.”

Experts believe that the government should come up with the new guidelines in terms of education.


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