New Youth Representatives this Lok Sabha Elections

Published on March 14, 2019 by

A new political party in Karnataka will contest from all the southern states in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

A new political party named Bharathiya Pragnavantha Congress (BPC) is launched by M. S Shivkumar. He said that they want to bring youth in mainstream politics. The party is looking forward to polling from Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

“With the aim to break the hierarchical rule of political parties and for the development of our nation, we have formed this party. It has always been seen that people of the same family are elected as party leaders, we never see new faces. To break this monotony and give the youth a chance to present their political stance, we bring you this new party,” Mr. Shivkumar, said.

M S Shivkumar, the national president of BPC, is a former Congress member and a social worker. He owns three businesses in Bangalore including a travel agency, and agricultural products.

The party will focus on the betterment of rural areas and ensure that more and more people are benefited from government schemes.

“As a party, our main focus will be on the rural areas. None of the present parties focus on the betterment of the rural areas,” National General Secretary of Bharathiya Pragnavantha Congress, R. Ramakrishnah, said.

Experts said that youth participation in politics is important but when it comes to running the country experience matters the most.

“A party being introduced just after the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections is not very trustworthy. There are many parties that come up during this time and disappear after the elections. People can’t bring change overnight,” Political Analyst, Abdul Razack Khan, said.

The party members say the focus is on rural areas and involvement of youth to propagate their agenda for upcoming elections.

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