No Government Benefits for 60% PWDs Without UDID Cards

Published on May 10, 2022 by

Around 60 percent of persons with disabilities in Karnataka do not have their Unique Disability Identity Card for availing various government benefits.

Bengaluru:The Indian National Statistic Office data on Persons with disability stated that around sixty persons with disability in Karnataka do not have their unique disability identity card. The process was delayed as persons has to go through complicated and time taking process, medical screening as well as social welfare screening to avail of the card.

Rashi, a person with disability who does not have an UDID card said, “Think of a person who has mobility issues and is asked to go around the hospitals again and again to different people to get the things done. And this is not a one-day procedure. Also, let’s not say let not talk about the corruption.”

The Government of India launched the UDID Cards for persons with disabilities under the Rights of Person with Disability Bill 2016. The card, otherwise known as Swabalamban card, will be a PAN India identity proof for the PWDs. It helps them to get rid of lengthy documental proofs of their health condition.The card is mandatory to get all the government-provided pensions, reservations and other benefits. Even the percent of disability will be mentioned in the card to avail benefits with respect to the person’s extent of disability. The card is availed by the State Welfare Board.

The department of empowerment of person with disability of Karnataka says that the 13 lakh count of disability of Karnataka was taken from census 2021. However, Guruprasad, public relation officer at department of empowerment of persons with disability, said, “if they are having 40 per cent disability then only they will have the benefits. Again, we have made a survey with district authorities, in all the districts we have 7 lakh disabilities as per the present record.  Now again we are analysing the difference.” Thus, the process of issuing UDID cards is delayed.

The non-governmental organizations also feel that there should be one unit of officials to provide the card. Abha, social support worker and a physiotherapist for people with disability, said, “When there is a lack of awareness, no policy can help us. We need awareness drive and individual counselling of people to make the changes.” She also added that UDID is a compulsion and people should take support from some non-governmental organizations to get their pan-India disability identification card.






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