No helping hand for handloom weavers

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 It’s a hard time for handloom weavers in Mariyappan palya as they don’t receive medical aid from the government.

Bengaluru: Weavers in Mariyappan palya struggle to afford basic health amenities as they are not receiving enough medical aid from the government. They earn around 300 rupees per day, which does not meet their essential needs. Besides, government schemes Handloom weavers comprehensive welfare scheme initiated by the central government are also not accessible to them.

Murali, a weaver, said, “Modi Ji says that there are many schemes for weavers and elders but we get anything; we don’t even know where it is and where it did it go. We are not getting anything from the government.”

Govardhan, a weaver, said, “Before the pandemic, we used to get raw material for Rs.2, 500, but now it is 4,500. If we count the price of the raw material and sari, then we are not getting anything and we are just working for the sake of working.”

Weavers often suffer from intense pain in their limbs and failing vision as they work for long hours. They usually do not have enough money to pay for treatment. Khaja, a weaver, said, “Till we have eye vision we will work. After it is reduced, what do I have to do if I can’t see the thread? I need to beg on roads. So, from the government we need help. I am working for the past 35 years still I am facing it difficult to spend on my family.”

The experts say that this matter should be looked into as soon as possible. The Karnataka Government announced a Health Insurance Scheme benefitting around 40,000 handloom workers in the state. During the Pandemic, Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa announced the NekarsammanYojana to provide Rs.2000 as aid of to the handloom weavers. But, officials from Weaver’s Society deny getting enough help.


Babu, President of Kemppamma Handloom Weavers Society, said, “What we get from the government we give that to the weavers, we don’t eat their money. Even the society won’t get much.”


The weavers are still seeking a ray of hope from the government, enough to be able to survive.

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