No ticket vending machines at Metro stations results in long waiting period

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No ticket vending machines at Metro stations results in long waiting period

People have to stand in long queues at the metro stations to purchase metro token tickets at the counter.


By Aastha Chopra

BANGALORE, Oct 11, 2022.


No Metro Ticket vending machines (TVMs) are installed at metro stations, resulting in long queues at counters and causing inconvenience to commuters. People have to wait for hours to buy token tickets at the counter. In addition, most of the metro stations have only one ticket counter.


Yashwant Kumar said,“I travel by metro occasionally, so I don’t carry a smart card, I was waiting here for 30 minutes to buy one ticket. “


In 2018, ticket vending machines were totally shut down, and TVMs had to be fully calibrated as they were unable to accept new currency notes. The new systems of TVMs need to be fully recalibrated, and update with new software and have to be maintained with the new systems says CPRO of BMRCL. According to Bangalore Metro railway corporation limited (BMRCL), the installation of TVMs is difficult because of its techno-economic system, high maintenance, different software updating and high investment.


Yashwant Chawan , CPRO BMRCL says,“TVMs were shut after demonetisation, now changing it to the system which is acceptable now is not techno-economical feasible, so we are not continuing with the ticket vending machines yet”.


About 40 percent of passengers still use token tickets to travel from metros, there are different facilities available like QR tickets and day passes, but people find them difficult to use and have to wait longer to purchase them.


According to Engineer and CEO of Cal remedies, the TVMs cost more than 1lac rupees To recalibrate such machines both hardware and software changes are required and replacement of some particular components for the entire control circuit of the machine.


A commuter, Harsh Gupta, “TVMs will be helpful for us because standing in queues doesn’t make sense and TVM willcut down on your time when you have to reach somewhere pretty fast.”


Experts say that other cities like Delhi are properly functioning with the TVMs. After demonetisation, the systems and software were successfully calibrated in other cities. Its high time that BMRCL should also have TVMs at metro station. Experts say that TVMs will be helpful for the commuters to travel, and BMRCL have to find a way to install, maintain and invest in the ticket vending machines. TVMs will be helpful for the commuters.


According to Researcher of Public transport, Mr. Naveen BR” Although the TVMs were closed after demonetisation, but that was a temporary aspect. Other cities like Delhi are perfectly operating with calibrated Ticket Vending Machine, its high time for bangalore to install ticket vending machines.”



There are no specific dates given by BMRCL to install TVMs. Lack of Manual methods at metro stations results in delay in public schedule which leads to long queues. Hence, the metro station becomes crowded especially during office hours and festivals.


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