Only 2 Women’s police station in Bangalore; trouble for women

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Only 2 Women’s police station causes difficulty for women

After complaints are transferred to the All women Police station, Women residing in Whitefield, Electronic City, and Indiranagar have to travel long distances just to register a complaint. 

By Aastha Chopra

BANGALORE, Nov 3, 2022.

Sarla, a victim of domestic violence says she is waiting for two weeks at the women’s police station to register her case after the local police station transferred her case to the women’s police station.

There are only two women police stations in Bangalore to cater to women. There is an increase of 20 percent in women-related crime since last year. On average, Shivajinagar receives a hundred cases every day.

Sarla, a victim said, “It is very difficult to register the domestic violence complaint, I am more comfortable with a woman constable registering my case and I am waiting for them to register my case for a long time.”

Shivajinagar and Banashankari All women police stations (AWPs) only deal with women cases related to sexual abuse, violence and POSCO. 

Shivajinagar Police Says, women find it difficult to travel long distances to file a complaint, they need each women station under each division and each sub-division so that the cases will be divided and it will be easier for them to handle. 

There are four divisions that come under one police station. According to the Shivajinagar police inspector, they need 10 women in the police station, each for each division and each sub-division. This will reduce the workload and further cases will be handled easily. “If the cases are less we can solve more and more cases and sincerely we can try to solve as many cases as possible. That is why we need more women police stations in Bangalore,” said sub-inspector Savita.

 Sarla BR, police inspector of Shivajinagar said, “We only have two women police stations, we have cases increasing every day, which is difficult to handle and we cannot do our job very effectively, we have to have 10 more women station so that our work will be divided into those stations.”

East zone Shivajinagar police station there is counseling done to a greater extent. Women from the Electronic City, Whitefield, Mahadev Pura, and Indiranagar have to travel long distances to come and register their cases. It almost takes half a day to come to the women’s police station.

Some women are there in a state of emergency, they face many difficulties to reach here. If there are stations situated near to their location, it will be easier for them to file complaints. 

According to the inspector of Shivajinagar, Some complaints registered by women in the local police stations are transferred to women’s police stations, which increases their workload. Only two women’s police stations can’t give justice to all the cases as they are not able to personally handle cases due to workload.

There are 31 vacancies in the police station. It is difficult for the police station to handle every one of the cases.  The AWPs do counseling for women in cases of sexual abuse or domestic violence. But women are more comfortable talking to women constables rather than to men.

According to Dr. CD Venkatesh, Associate Professor in Women’s Studies at Bangalore University, “Some local police stations should be converted to the women’s police stations or can have women cell with only women recruited as constables, sub-inspector and inspectors.”

Experts say the authorities should have more women police stations after seeing an increase in women’s crime rate as many women wait for justice.

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