Owners of many MSMEs face difficulty in finishing their orders

Published on January 23, 2023 by

Due to lack of labourers in the MSMEs in Peenya industry, owners face difficulty in finishing their orders and delivering the products on time.

According to Ex. President of Federation of Karnataka chambers of commerce and industry (FKCCI), there is a shortage of 1.50 – 2 lakhs workers in  Micro small medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Peenya industrial estate since the past three to four years. Owners find it difficult in completing their orders and delivering the products on time.

Nandeesh Dugurmath, owner of a small-scale industry GSV techmart, while sharing his concerns said, “There is shortage of employees in MSME sector. This has affected my company’s production. We are special purpose machine manufacturers. We are not able to deliver the products on time. The order which I had taken in September, the targeted deadline for the delivery was November 15, but yet we have not delivered it. Due of this, customers are also very unhappy.”

The employees and the labourers feel that there is no proper job security provided to them in MSMEs which forces them to shift to other sectors like e- commerce, agriculture etc.

Somdev (name changed) an employee in a MSME said, “The main reason why people don’t want to join MSMEs is because of the salary, lack of insurance facilities, PF facilities, increment and hospitality. No transport facility is also being provided. Less turnovers and less production are the main reasons why these provisions are not being given by MSMEs.”

According to Dr. Jacob Crasta the ex-President of FKCCI, the GDP growth of the manufacturing and services came down to ( -24.6 percent) during the pandemic. He also feels that there should be a grievance or redressal cell for the MSMEs like other sectors.

He said “Today if any MSME becomes sick, there is no grievance or redressal cell. If all sectors have a regulatory authority, then the MSMEs should also have one. If the MSMEs face any problem then they can go and complain to the regulatory authority. Such statutory bodies are essential to revive the MSMEs.”

He further added by saying that Machine learning, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing should also be adopted by the MSMEs to improve and sustain the growth of this industry.

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