Panic and anxiety remains high among Bengaluru corporate professionals

Published on October 12, 2021 by

There has been an increase in corporate officials seeking counseling and therapy.

Bengaluru: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many professionals from the corporate sector are facing mental health issues such as anxiety, Zoom fatigue, burnout, exhaustion and are now seeking professional counseling and therapy.

Even as the number of Covid-19 cases are reducing and private offices are slowly reopening, corporate professionals are uncomfortable to return to the pre-pandemic era of office culture. 

Anuradha Krishna, Corporate Coach who provides counseling to corporate professionals said, “Many of the people from the upper management always had the stress and burden but now the stress, responsibility and overburden of work has increased manifold because of laying-off of the workers.” 

She added that there has been an increase in people seeking counseling now than before. Earlier she used to counsel three clients per day and now the number has increased up to 10 clients.

When lockdown was announced many corporations  thousands of workers and retained only those who were important to the organization. 

Krishna said that the people who were retained belonged to the upper and middle management in the corporate hierarchy. They had responsibility which required the manpower of three individuals. This overburdening of workload has put a lot of stress on these individuals as they are now unable to focus on their family.

Ronit Kadam, a senior software developer for a multinational company, said, “The situation in my organization is such that I am handling the responsibility which requires the mental manpower of four people and this is really putting a strain on my personal life as it is getting more and more difficult for me to give my attention and focus to my family and my physical and mental health.”

He also said that after taking advice from his family he has started seeing a therapist since January 2021.

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