PM SVANidhi Acknowledged but Vendors Suffer

Published on May 10, 2022 by

PM announces national award for excellence for exemplary work in PM SVanidhi Scheme; however, ten thousand vendors under the all-India vendor association haven’t receive the loan.

Bengaluru: On National Civil Service Day, Prime Minister awarded districts for performance under the PM SVANidhi scheme. Varanasi and Anantnag won the award for their exemplary performance in PMSVANidhi scheme. The scheme was to provide loans of Rs.10 thousand/- to the street vendors with lower interest for a period of one year.  However, the government portal shows 4.15 lakh vendors who applied for the scheme have not received any loans.

The all-India vendors association added to the data. Mohmmad Javeed, President of All India Street Vendors Association said, “We applied for the scheme through our street vendors association. We have still not got any reply. We applied for our association to give to 10k members. We have not received the money how we’re supposed to distribute further.”

In last two years, most of the street vendors faced financial problems. One of the NGOs working for the vendors said that most of the vendors do not even know about the scheme. Also, the previous data on the SVANidhi portals are removed. Sonali, PM SAVNidhi coordinator at National Association of Social Vendors, India, said, “There is a lot of online discrepancy. When we filed the RTI, the numbers we got, and the number we have in RTI for the Sadhara zone, Delhi website are very different.”

While addressing the audience present at the Nation Civil Service Day celebration, Prime minister sets better governance goals. He asked the authorities to take the government schemes to the individual level. He added that civil authorities need to take unity of the nation and equality in schemes as their prime goal.


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