Remodeling of VV Puram Food Street

Published on December 3, 2022 by

3rd, Dec, 2022, The BBMP has decided to remodel the famous food street of VV Puram at an estimated cost of 5-6 crore.

The vendors say that they will have to bear with the losses as BBMP announced redevelopment of V.V. Puram food street.

Satyaram, a vendor says, “It is a great initiative taken up by the BBMP to remodel the street of this very old place, which is filled with customers all around. With this remodeling we can also expand our shops and it will also ensure better hygiene. But, the only issue is that at the time of construction we will have to close the shops for 1-2 months that would affect our business with a loss of 1-2 lakhs.”

Dileep, a customer says, “As a regular customer here I feel that the 5-6 crore work that the BBMP is doing will be very beneficial as the seating here is not good, and after the remodeling work it will be more convenient for us to sit and eat with better hygiene.”

Chaitra, Urban Planner, says, “Whenever you make a plan for remodeling a specific locality, you need to keep a note about a lot of things like accessibility and economic convenience for people who will visit that place. Overall, your planning and plotting is very important for coming up with a concrete and an inclusive plan before your proposal is released for the same.

People believe that with the coming up of the V.V Puram new and remodeled food street with better infrastructure and hygiene arrangements it will give the city and the place a new and an outward look.


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