Restricted pesticides usage in Bengaluru leads to health impacts

Published on December 7, 2022 by

Restricted pesticides usage is leading to health disorders in farmers

Bengaluru, Dec 7th: Paridhi Jain

Restricted pesticides like Monocrotrophos are banned for use on vegetable crops as per agriculture department pesticides notice dated 2005. However, farmers still have been found to be using them. According to agriculture department of Karnataka, 46 formulations have been banned in India and 9 have been restricted for use. Their usage is leading to health issues in people.  Narayanappa N, K Gollahalli, resident of Gollahalli has been spraying pesticides on his farm since many years. According to him he is not aware of any protocols for the pesticide usage. He says, “Yesterday I had sprayed pesticide at 8 am in the morning. I have body pain, skin itching and burning in eyes.”  Farmers in Lingapura were found to be using Monocrotrophos on crops like baby corn which require higher yield.  According to experts, Monocrotrophos is also a cheaper chemical and farmers would want to strike a balance with their spending.  Venkatram Reddy, Additional director of agriculture (organic farming) says, “Incentivisation has been on natural farming. Karnataka is also catching up and it stands at 17th position in organic certificates issued here. We have roughly around 2 lakh hectares under organic certification.”

Dr K. Murali Mohan is an Associate Professor and Toxicologist in Agriculture University, GKVK, Jakkur and has been studying pesticides for a while now. According to experts, farmers are not aware of the use of restricted chemicals and also about the toxicity labels mentioned on the pesticide bottles. He says, “We have to educate farmers on retail of restricted chemicals on vegetables. Solution will be to create awareness among farmers about the usage of chemicals. Growers also need to aware of toxicity labels in different colours.” According to him farmers should be aware that that red and yellow triangle chemicals should not be used on vegetables. Usage of only blue and green triangle chemicals should be used on vegetables. There should be a proper mechanism on pesticides sale and increased focus on awareness of farmers.



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