Rise in Anaemia Patient

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The number of anaemic patients is increasing in the city.

Tayyiba Tabassum used to feel very dizzy most of the time and her hair started falling. She went to a doctor to get it checked. After a few blood tests, the doctor diagnosed her with anaemia due to an iron and vitamin D deficiency.

According to a WHO report at 53 percent, India has one of the highest proportions of women suffering from anaemia. The global percentage of women aged 15 to 49 who suffer from anaemia is 9.9 percent, a fifth of the rate in India. According to doctors, the number of anaemic patients in Bengaluru has increased by 30 percent over the last few years.

Dr. Vijay. B. Mutg said Hemoglobin levels in adult females range between 11–14-gram percent and when they go below a certain level, anaemia develops. He further added, “Major causes of anaemia are nutrition, lack of iron in the diet. Iron is responsible for the manufacture of haemoglobin. So other causes are blood loss: haemorrhoids, piles, in female mensural blood loss and there are injuries like accidents and other things which can result in loss of great amount of blood can cause anaemia and internal bleeding like an ulcer in the stomach can also cause the anaemia.”

The NFSH5 report states that 48 percent of women in Karnataka are anaemic, with 22 percent having mild anaemia, 23 percent having moderate anaemia, and 3 percent having severe anaemia. Anaemia is more common in women in rural areas, women between the ages of 15 and 19, and women from scheduled castes, but at least one-fifth of women in every group are anaemic. In comparison to NFSH-4, anaemia in women in the state has increased by 3 percent.

Dr. Shon said that “Major reason I would say is affordability because fruit and veg. are not cheaper than rice so they fill their tummies with rice. They don’t have different kinds of green leafy vegetables and many of them can’t afford meat. Lack of knowledge of having diverse food can be one of the other reasons.”

Central approved 3749 lakh to Karnataka Government under the Anaemia Mukt Bharat, but still, the anaemia cases are increasing. However, Experts believe that these are autoimmune disorders, therefore early detection can prevent these problems.

Dr. Mansi Gupta, Community Health Doctor said, “Nutritional deficiency can be prevented by giving them iron-rich food and vegetarians can take Vitamin B12 supplements and for blood loss, if there are any more bleeds like due to menses or anything they have to see a doctor.”

She commented that it is important to take the daily dose of nutrients that is required by the body to keep ailments associated with anaemia at bay.

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